Industry - Oriented Communication Skills: An Analysis of Engineering Graduates of Rajasthan

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Dr. Niraja Saraswat


Engineering demands a language that has global access. As a result, acquisition and perfection in English language has become synonymous with employability and success. In an age of globalization and advancement, English is the convenient means of professional communication among engineering graduates. The number of engineering colleges in Rajasthan has increased exponentially in the last decade. There are almost 185 engineering colleges in Rajasthan and thousands of engineering students graduate every year. This has caused serious turbulence in the job market. Statistics report high level of unemployment among engineers, at the same time companies often complain about the want of qualified and skilled candidates, a ‘vexing paradox’. As per the report of NASSCOM, only 25 % of technical graduates are suitable for employment. Unfortunately, a large number of engineering graduates in Rajasthan find it a daunting task to speak or write in English with fluency and accuracy which inhabits their prospects of getting placed into prominent companies. The present paper encapsulates the remarks of IT managers and details industry expectations from engineering graduates. The data for the same has been collected through interaction with managers, personnel of training and placement cell and the students. The paper also explores the changes in teaching methodology and curricula which can result into better placements for engineering professionals.

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