Southeastern Ferghana Valley Nomadic Pastoral Culture

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Zulkhumor Rakhmonberganovna Kuchkarova


This article analyzes the location and structure of burial mounds found in the southeastern regions of the Ferghana Valley, the archaeological artifacts found there and their study. On the basis of the obtained information, an attempt was made to determine who these tombs belong to. It is known that during the Late Bronze Age steppe Andronovo tribes settled along the southwestern regions of the Ferghana Valley as a result of the wide spread of the Andronovo tribes to the regions of Central Asia. There are similarities in pottery found in burial mounds as a result of the herding population becoming sedentary under the influence of the advanced farming culture of the south. However, Andronovo’s characteristics are the grave-mounds with piles of stones, burial in stone coffins, placing the corpse with the head to the west, and the technology of making ceramic products based on the fabric template is the basis. Vodil and Karamkol burial mounds are the remains of the inhabitants who have just begun the process of settlement.

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